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Sharon MacDonald, M. Ed

Sharon MacDonald:
Early Childhood Education Workshops
Early Childhood Education Keynotes

Sharon MacDonald has been a keynoter and workshop presenter on early childhood subjects throughout the United States for more than 20 years. She taught early childhood for 28 years.

Her early-childhood topics include learning centers, math, science, portfolio assessment, and classroom management. She has written more that 25 books on various childhood topics and four interactive music CDs and, more recently, she has become involved in training caregivers of infants and toddlers. Sharon emphasizes the importance of the child's pleasurable experiences with the caregiver.



Writing is hard for children to do ….. their brains are asking their hands to do BIG work. They have to want to make the pencil move across the page. Motivation is the key.

I always had a basket full of a variety of kinds of blank books. Some would be shape books like a car, house, boat, or even a crayon shape. I also make lunch bag books. (Click on the banner BAG ACTIVITIES and go to archives. From there go to December 2007 for directions for making bag books.) I put any type of book in that basket to make it inviting and interesting forthe children. Motivation!!!

Collect old Christmas, Easter, Thank You, and Birthday cards you have not used and throw them in the basket. These are of interest to children because they see you writing in them. As I have slowed down in my travels I have started to make my hole punch cards again. Adults like to write too. I have put them on ETSY. It has been fun. If you want to see them you can go to ETSY and then type in WallofCards and they will be there.

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