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Everyday Discoveries

Everyday Discoveries: Amazingly Easy Science and Math Activities Using Stuff You Already Have is packed with self-directed science activities that build in math as a natural part of the scientific approach: observation and measurement. The book answers the questions of how, why, and what-happens-next as the scientific process unfolds as the children work. The book is a reliable reference for childcare centers, preschool programs, and early primary-grade classrooms. It shows how easily and naturally children can learn to make observations and measure results. Since they already make lots of observations, adding the component of measurement is a natural extension. Science and math really are embedded in most of the things you are doing in your classrooms already.

Each activity in Everyday Discoveries is made more challenging for children who need more challenge because of their age or skill level; or more easy for younger and less-skilled children. Some of the activities are: One-Third of a Hot Potato, Which Bread Turns Your Head?, How Many Cups are cupped?, Windy Muscles, and The Shoe Shuffle.

Everyday Discoveries received the coveted "highly recommended" review from the Parent Council, Ltd. (Summer, 1999). It is published by Gryphon House.

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