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Interactive Writing

Learn the "Pets" Poem below. When the children have learned all the words write it on a chart. Find photographs of the animals mentioned in the poem. The children match the photographs to the words.

Pets By Sharon MacDonald

Buy me a dog, a goat, or a snake
A rabbit, a gerbil, or a ringed-neck drake.
A horse, a goose, or a very fat cat.
But please, not a rat.

Maybe a skunk, a parrot, or a 'coon
A chicken, a fish or a baby baboon,
A hamster, a beetle, or an upside- down bat.
But please, never a rat.

I could get a worm, a snail, or a frog
A spider, a seal, or a dancing hog.
I'd even take an extra-large gnat.
But please-not ever--a rat.

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