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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Peanuts and Corn

NOTE: Make sure that no child in your class has an allergy to peanuts or peanut oil.


Peanut-shell printing*
Corn cob rolling*
Using corn shucks for constructions*
Peanut shell collage on cardboard

Games and Puzzles

Puzzles relating to peanuts and popcorn
Sequence cards showing the growth of a peanut plant
Play "Peanut, Peanut, Who's got the Peanut" (as you would like "Button, Button, Whose Got The Button").


Peanut grouping*
Popcorn estimation jar*
Measuring things with Peanuts and Ears of Corn
Corn Graphing*

Dramatic Play

Set up a fruit-and-vegetable stand or a grocery store


Weigh and compare ears of corn
Plant a raw peanut in the spring
Plant a corn plant


Have peanut, kernel, and popcorn-shaped blank-books
Have books and tapes on peanuts, corn, and popcorn
Peanut-and-corn word-bag*


Sing I'm a Little Peanut Brown* Sing Peanut, Peanut Butter
Peanut and Corn Shakers

Block Center

Use non-standard measurement tools*

Interactive Charts

I'm a Little Peanut Brown song chart*
"Cowboy Kernel of Corn" poem*

Creative Writing

Write a different "Cowboy Kernel of Corn" story or poem
Adopt a Peanut*


Make peanut butter*
Cook corn on the cob
Pop popcorn*
Shell and eat peanuts

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