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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Pets
Theme: Interdependence


Artificial-fur collage
Paint with brown, white, and black paint at the easel
Pet-photograph collage made from magazine photos
Dog- or cat-registration-tag rubbing
Dog biscuit printing with small, medium and large dog biscuits
Animal-cookie-cutter printing

Games and Puzzles

Put the animals back together*
Lace a pet
Pet puzzle (made from a placemat)*
Give-the-dog-bath sequence cards
Dog-biscuit seriation


Pet sort*
Pet counting and matching*
Stuffed animal adding
Graph pets
Venn diagram pets/farm animals/ both
Other graphing ideas:
    Graph stuffed animals
    Favorite pets
    Pet animal crackers

Dramatic Play

Create a veterinarian's office or a Pet Store:

Veterinarian's office
    Large box for examining table
    Stuffed animals
    Play syringe
    Prescription pad
    Appointment book

Pet Store
    Stuffed animals
    Boxes for animals to be displayed in
    Pretend food (empty boxes)
    Dog and cat bowls and water bowls
    Dog and cat collars, leashes, and tags
    Telephone, money, cash register, and a price list


Pet Visits*
Observe and care for a class pet


Pet-shaped blank-books
Books on topic of pets
Books and tapes on pets
Animal-Print Paper*


How much is that Doggie in the Window?*
Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone?*
Dog-tag music*
Animal masks to wear with music

Block Center

Attach pet photographs or drawings to the blocks*
Build-a-doghouse task-cards (photographs of doghouses they can build in the block center)
Veterinarian task cards (photographs of veterinarians' offices they can build in the block center)

Interactive Writing

Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone?*
Pets Poem*

Creative Writing

Write a Pet story*
Describe a pet
Write an alphabet book (A to Z) about pets (a pet for each letter, if possible, and they can add pets as they think of them)

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