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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Plants
Theme: Life Cycle


Weave vines together
Paint with the roots of plants
Draw with pastel chalk on paper
Make a pastel, tissue-paper collage*

Games and Puzzles

Make flower and plant puzzles
Sort seeds by 1, 2, or 3 attributes (on a sorting tray; use tweezers)
Match seed packages to the pictures of mature plants
Make plant sequence-cards*


Sort seeds in a Venn diagram*
Seriate seeds*
Measure and chart a growing plant
Compare the sizes of seeds to plants themselves
Count seeds in three packages of different seeds and compare them
Graph seeds or flower heads

Dramatic Play

Set up a flower shop
Have a variety of flowers
Use order forms
Make a price list
Shopping box
Play money
Cash register
Message pads
Have plastic flowerpots
Use display boxes for flowers


Sprout bean seeds in a baggie
Plant flower seeds in milk cartons
Sprout a sweet potato*
Match the names of the parts of a flower to its picture*
Plant a vegetable garden in old automobile tires*
Plant an herb garden
White beans to green beans*


Have books and tapes on plants
Make blank books in the shape of a flower, a glove, and a plant
Have a plant-word writing bag*


Have songs on tapes or CDs about the plant cycle*
Use pastel-colored, crepe paper streamers to dance to soft, springtime music
Make flower-pot Music*

Block Center

Add accessories, like small fruits and vegetables, to encourage
building a fruit-and-vegetable stand
Add garden gloves and plastic pots and flowers
Make craft board trees*
Make paper Bag trees*

Interactive Charts

Put "Sing a Song of Apples" on a chart*
The Bromeliad poem*
"Fruit Salad"*

Creative Writing

Design a new flower*

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