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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Ants
Theme: Life Cycle, Communities, and Interdependence

About Ants*


Ant and Food Collage*
Print with a Q-tip on green paper with black tempera paint
Thumb print with black paint on white paper

Games and Puzzles

Life cycle of an ant*
Ant-Silhouette Match*
Ant Puzzle


Ant Number Match*
Sort, match, and group plastic ants by color, size, and type of ant
Estimate the number of plastic ants in a jar; check guesses*

Dramatic Play

Have props for a picnic:
     Plastic spoons and forks
     Paper napkins
     Picnic basket
     Artificial foods
     Plastic cups


Ant Farm*
Ant Research Projects*


Tapes and books on ants
Book List *
Ant-shaped blank books
Anthill-shaped blank books


Learn the song Head, Stomach, and Thorax (in the Interactive Charts Section of this web).
Learn the song The Ants Go Marching One by One.

Block Center

Plastic-Ant accessories
Plastic food
Find ant parts on a block*

Interactive Charts

Ant Poem*
Head, Abdomen and Thorax song*

Creative Writing

Make a list of where ants live
List things ants like to eat
List parts of an ant body; illustrate them

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