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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Apples
Theme: Change


Collages of things that are red*
Finger-paint with red
Apple-seeds collage
Paint with red at the easel on apple-shaped easel paper

Games and Puzzles

Apple puzzle*
Apple-lacing mat*
Sort apples made of felt by color and size


Create patterns with apple shapes
Apple seriation
Graph red, yellow, and green apples
Measure the circumference of various apples; compare them

Dramatic Play

Design a fruit-and-vegetable stand (for more ideas see, We Learn All About Fall, page 11).
    Plastic fruit and vegetables
    Play money
    Cash register
    Price tags on the produce
    Small shopping baskets
    Price signs
    Display labels of the produce names
    Small boxes to hold the produce
    Apple-recipe posters written by the children and posted by the children on the wall


Dry a string of apple slices*
Weigh and compare different apples
Sprout apple seeds*
Apple-seed-estimation jar*
Taste and graph, "Which apple did we like best?"
Make an apple sandwich*


Books and tapes about apples
Apple-shaped blank books
Apple-Word Bag*
Class Apple-Book*


"Sing a Song of Apples"*
"Who Took the Apple from the Apple Jar"*
Make an apple-seed shaker*

Block Center

Fruit-and-vegetable-picture task cards*
Building within an apple*

Interactive Charts

Song "Sing a Song of Apples"*
Poem "Way Up High in the Apple Tree"*

Creative Writing

Fruit Stories*
Describe an apple and draw a picture of it
Write a "How I make applesauce" recipe

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