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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Circus
Theme: Interdependence of People/Systems


Circle collage
Popcorn, kernels, and peanut shell collage
Paint at easel on large newspaper circles
Print with peanut shells*

Games and Puzzles

Circus puzzles
Circus sequence cards*
Zoo- and Circus-Animal Sort
Circus-Animal Lacing Cards*


Animal crackers graph
Circus shapes*
Adding with animal crackers
Zoo and circus animals Venn diagram*

Dramatic Play

Set up a circus with:
    Circus acts costumes
    Balloon barbells
    Stuffed animals
    Cash register
    Play money
    Animal masks
    Circus posters
    Circus-act props
    Large box for dangerous animals
    Unusual hats
    Elephant noses*
    Balance beam


Weigh and compare popped corn and corn kernels
Shell peanuts*
Plant raw peanuts
Mother-and-baby animal match


Books and tapes about the circus
Tent-shaped blank books
Circus-word bag*


Scarf dancing
Tapes and CDs with circus music
Bean Bags to juggle to circus music
Bandleader baton

Block Center

Add stuffed animals
Strawberry baskets and small plastic circus animals
24-inch square piece of fabric*
Circus Pictures and Posters

Interactive Charts

"Elephant" poem*
Peanut Brown song*

Creative Writing

Make a list*
Write a round story*

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