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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Colors
Theme: Interaction and Properties of Materials


Red collage
Sponge-paint with blue
Finger-paint with yellow
Eyedropper art*

Games and Puzzles

Sort objects by different colors
Three-dimension, crayon-box puzzle*
Color bingo


Graph favorite colors
Color patterns with bead stringing
Estimate the number of colored beads in a jar
Seriate crayons*

Dramatic Play

Add to the basic home center a variety of colored items like:
    Bright colored clothes
    Colored paper napkins, cups, plastic utensils, and plates
    Colored hats and ties
    Colored scarves, shoes, and purses
    A basket of plastic fruit and vegetables


Color paddles
Fruit salad*
Explore light using a prism


Use books and tapes about colors
Use different colored and shaped blank books for writing
Scat the Cat flannel-board figures*
Display of pictures from the book, The Big Orange Spot*


Paper-bag streamers*
Sing the song: Crayons*
Ribbon sticks
Colored scarves

Block Center

Colored flags
Colored transparent fabric

Interactive Charts

Crayons song*
Rainbow Colors poem*

Creative Writing

Write about what would happen if RED ran away.
Write a different version of Scat the Cat

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