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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Construction
Theme: Systems


Button Construction on paper plates
Box Lid Printing
Rolled Paper Construction*
Take a building texture walk and make a rubbing of different building materials

Games and Puzzles

Box Nesting*
Tool Match to its Silhouette
Geoboard with pattern cards
Key to Lock Match


Graph buildings for food, living, working, and playing
Estimate how many fasteners are in the jar
Tally number of houses with bricks, wood, concrete blocks, or aluminum siding
Create patterns with different tools

Dramatic Play

Create a construction site
    Hard hats
    Digging tools
    Cardboard boxes
    Architectural plans
    Pencils and paper
    Measuring tools
    Tool apron
    Yellow barrier tape

Repair Shop
    Old broken toys or appliances
    Tool belt
    Work table or bench
    Storefront signs
    Work order forms
    Cash register
    Play money
    Play credit cards and checkbooks


Have animal and insect home to examine
Tool Match (people to animals)*
Tool Grouping*
Children build and adults build, animals build, and insects build Activity*


Blank house shaped books
Stories and tapes on the topic
Books on the topic*
Flannelboard story pieces of "The House that Jack Built" or The Three Little Pigs


Learn the songs: Johnny Works with One Hammer
Three Little Pigs operetta by Sharron Lucky (DLM)
Three Little Pigs Blues by Greg and Steve (Youngheart Records)
Wheels on the Bus
Pop Goes the Weasel
I've Been Working on the Railroad
Stack Up the Blocks by Sharon MacDonald (Grasshopper Press) (see Interactive Charts for words to song)
I'm Gonna Build a Mountain
Little Tree House by Sharon MacDonald (Grasshopper Press)*

Block Center

Building comparison*
Copy Cat Structure*
Building Mat*

Interactive Charts

"Construction" poem*
Stack Up the Blocks song*

Creative Writing

Write a new Three Little Pigs with different animals
Write a script for Changes, Changes by Pat Hutchins
Tell how you would Build a Mountain.


Tools: hammer, nails, C-clamps, screwdriver, and hand-cranked drill
Materials: sandpaper, wood scraps, wood glue, and assessors like colored wire, bottle caps, paper letter, and brads

Sand and Water Table

Pour, scoop, and measure sawdust
Sieving Sand*
Fill the table with wooden dowels and wood turns for stirring, filling, moving, and scooping


Construct a peanut butter and jelly sandwich*
Construct a snack*
Sawdust Playdough

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