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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Doctor or Hospital
Theme: Interdependence of People


Q-Tip painting and printing
Band-Aid and cotton-ball collage
Draw with permanent markers on aluminum foil
Cotton-ball printing*

Games and Puzzles

Doctor's instrument sort
Doctors and nurses puzzle*
Hospital-trip sequence cards
Band-Aid match*


Tongue-depressor math*
Band-Aid seriation (by size)
Sort doctor's instruments by 1-, 2-, and 3 attributes

Dramatic Play

Create a doctor's office
    Phone, clipboard, appointment book
    Doctor and nurse's outfits
    Dolls to examine
    Prescription pad
    Eye chart
    Doctor's and Nurses instruments
    Doctor's bill*
    Magazines for the waiting room


Listen to the heartbeat with a stethoscope
Look at oneself in full-length mirror
Examine x-rays
Make vegetable soup


Books and tapes on doctors, nurses and hospitals
Blank books with a red cross for writing stories
Prescription pads to write on


Tape or CD of songs about doctors or nurses
Miss Polly Had A Dolly

Block Center

Medical workers figures and ambulance*
Build within a heart shape*
Hospital and doctor's-office posters
Paper, and index cards, to make signs

Interactive Charts

Poem: Being Sick*
Vegetable Soup Recipe*

Creative Writing

When I was sick ___________.
Retell making vegetable soup
Write own vegetable-soup recipe

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