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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Farm
Theme: Life Cycles and Systems


Feather collage
Tractor-wheel painting*
Artificial-fur collage
Paint with a turkey feather

Games and Puzzles

Mother-and-baby-animal picture match
Farm puzzles
Sequence cards of milking a cow (or any other farm activity)
Match animals to their products*


Venn diagram*
Graph farm animals*
Combine sets*

Dramatic Play

Create a farm
    Overall trousers
    Large floppy hats
    Plaid "Farmer" shirt
    Stuffed farm animals
    Artificial nests and eggs
    Posters and photographs of farm life


Card wool* (to "card" wool means to brush through the nap to remove the wool fibers)
Farm- and woodworking tools sort
Make Green Eggs and Ham
Examine animal coverings
Plant an outside garden
Hatch chicken eggs


Books and Tapes about Farm Life (to read and listen to)
Barn-Shaped Blank Books (to write in)
Post a list of Farm Implements (dictated by the children)
Post a list of Farm Animals (dictated by the children)
Farm Word Bag*


Use Cow Bells with Music
Use the Horseshoe Triangle*
What the Animals Said!*
Sing any of the songs:
    Mary Had A Little Lamb
    Baa Baa Black Sheep
    Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    Six Little Ducks
    Farmer in the Dell
    What the Animals Said!

Field Trips

Take a field trip to a: farm, grocery store, a petting zoo, farm implement company

Block Center

Task Cards*
Farm Animals
Props for The Three Billy Goats Gruff*
Farm Machine

Interactive Charts

What the Animals Said!*
The Purple Cow by Gelette Burgess*

Creative Writing

Write a new version of Who's in the Shed by Brenda Parks published by Rigby
Farm Box*

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