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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Frogs
Theme: Life Cycle


Illustrate the Red-Eyed Frog poem*
Illustrate the story of Frog Hunting*
Frog paintings*
Paint with the colors frogs wear*
Class project: design and make a paper mache frog

Games and Puzzles

Frog puzzles
Frog life-cycle sequence cards
Match frogs to their habitats
Frog parts*


Venn diagram*
Seriate pictures of different-size frogs
Adding frogs
Frog-egg estimation

Dramatic Play

Establish a frog museum
    Frog pictures and posters
    Plastic frogs and insects
    Different habitats for frogs
    Display boxes
    Index cards for label
    Research sheets on each frog
    Resource books on frogs


Hatch a tadpole*
Examine a frog*
Compare frogs and toads*


Books and tapes on frogs*
Make Lily-pad-shaped blank books
Spanish frog words*
Frog-word can*


Five Little Speckled Frogs
Six Little Frogs*
Krrup! Went the Little Green Frog
Frog puppet

Block Center

Large plastic frogs
Books on frog habitats
Green-felt material for lily pads
Blue material for pond

Interactive Charts

Six Little Frogs song*
"A Frog"*

Creative Writing

Red-Eyed Frog*
Write a "How to" story like the Frog Hunting story*

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