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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Mail Carrier
Theme: Interdependence of People


Postage-stamp collage
Draw a postcard*
Make a greeting card
Design individual postage stamps

Games and Puzzles

Mail-carrier puzzle*
Match community helpers with their instruments, tools, or jobs*
Sequence-of-events-of-a-letter cards*
Put together an envelope*


Card and envelope match*
Sort stamps by 1-, 2-, or 3 attributes
Estimate the number of stamps in box
Graph postage stamps
Make designs or patterns with stamps

Dramatic Play

Design and lay out a post office
    Individual mail boxes*
    Mail-carrier uniform
    Letter-cancellation area
    Prices-of-stamps sign
    Use a purse for a mailbag


Weigh mail on a small scale
Weigh boxes on a large scale; compare the weights
See a mail truck at the post office
Lay out a mail-carrier route*


Community-helper words*
Books and tapes on community helpers
Letter-writing materials


Songs on the topic put on song cards
Tapes or CDs on the topic

Block Center

Make mail-carrier props*
Make a floor-mat map*

Interactive Charts

Community-helper poem*
Name game*

Creative Writing

Story of a letter's trip*
Retell of the trip to the post office
Write a letter to a friend

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