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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Pumpkins


Pumpkin rubbing
Draw on a pumpkin*
Seed collage
Green yarn-, green leaves made from fabric-, and orange-cotton balls collage

Games and Puzzles

Match pumpkins to their silhouettes (bottom view)
Pumpkin puzzles
Lace a pumpkin
Pumpkin patterns*


Measure the circumference of several pumpkins and compare them
Estimate the number of seeds inside pumpkin; verify the estimation
Seriate different-size pumpkins
Sort pumpkins by 1 or 2 attributes
Graph pumpkins by size, weight, or color

Dramatic Play

Set up the basic home center
Add pumpkins to the kitchen and display pumpkin recipes


Rot a pumpkin*
Plant dried, pumpkin seeds*
Sprout a pumpkin seed
Weigh different-size pumpkins


Add Pumpkin books and tapes
Use Pumpkin-shaped blank books for writing
Do a Pumpkin-Word Bag*


Five Round Pumpkins song*
Way Down Yonder in the Pumpkin Patch song

Block Center

Decorate a construction with a variety of pumpkins
Build within a Pumpkin*

Interactive Charts

Five Round Pumpkins song*
Pumpkin Seed Poem*

Creative Writing

Answer the question "Why don't all pumpkins look alike?"
Write a new verse to "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin, Eater."
Tell a story about how pumpkin seeds got mixed up with popcorn kernels; what happened when they were cooked?


Pumpkin Pancakes*
Cook pumpkin seeds*

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