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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Senses
Theme: Cause-and-Effect and Interaction


Food coloring on napkins*
Texture collage
Peanut-shell printing*
Crayons on sandpaper
Paint to classical music

Games and Puzzles

Sort beads by color, size, or shape
Texture-match game*
Color Bingo
Face puzzle*


String colored beads in a pattern
Make peanut-butter playdough*
Sort objects*
Tally "What sense did you use?"*

Dramatic Play

Add to the home center:
    Clothing of different textures
    Empty eyeglasses
    Working radio


Color paddles
Sort bottles by smell
Sort bottles by the sound made when they are blown into
Examine tools that help us see and hear*
"Feelie" box


Books and tapes on the senses
Helping-hand book*
Nature-sounds tape
City-sounds tape


Sound shakers*
Pretend microphone
Songs: Color Song by Hap Palmer, Peanut Butter by Sharon MacDonald, Play your Instruments by Ella Jenkins, and Frownie Face

Block Center

Add stuffed animals
Add colored film for windows*
Add lightweight fabric

Interactive Charts

Peanut Butter Song*
My Ears poem*

Creative Writing

Write a short story while blindfolded with the writing paper taped to the table.
Make a list of ways you can use your eyes and then, your ears.

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