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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Shoes
Theme: Structure


Tennis-Shoe Printing
Shoe-Sole Rubbing
Shoe-Pictures Collage
Illustrate a Book of Shoes in the Class
Polish Shoes
Shoe-String Art

Games and Puzzles

Shoe Puzzle: Cut a large picture of a shoe into a puzzle
Cut Shoe Print Patterns from Felt
Tying Shoes*
Lace different styles of shoes
Match shoes to shoeboxes


Sort Shoes by Work, Play, or Work and Play (Venn Diagram)
Graph shoes by color, type of closure, and style
Measure shoe lengths, record, and graph
Measure with Shoes (non-standard measurement)
Estimate the Number of Socks Needed to Fill a Shoe*
Graph How Each Child Gets to School
How Many Shoe Horn Scoops of ____ Will Fill the Shoe?

Dramatic Play

Create a Shoe Store
    Cash register and play money
    Telephone and note pad
    Brannock Device (a device for measuring the size of the foot)
    Posters of shoes and prices on the wall
    A variety of sizes and types of shoes
    Shoe parts*
    Advertisement posters
    Shoe Boxes
    A variety of Shoe Strings
    Shoe Horns


Examine a Cobbler's Shoe Repair Tools
Old Boot*
Weighing Different Shoes
Examine the Parts of Shoes*  Tally Shoe Closures of the Children in the Room
Examine a Horse Shoe


Books and Tapes on Shoes
Blank Books Shaped Like Shoes
Shoe Words*
"Why We Wear Shoes" Chart*
Books and Pictures of Shoes from Around the World


Barefoot Walker's Shoes song
Shoes on a Stick*
Other Songs about Shoes
Use Tap-Dancing Shoes to Tap Along with Music
Shoe Songs*

Block Center

How Many Blocks Will Different Shoe Boxes Hold?
Shoe Store Task Cards
A Basket of Shoes to Add to the Shoe Store

Interactive Charts

Tying Shoes Poem*
Bare Foot Walker' Shoes song* (words are in the Music Section of "Explanations" below)
What Kind of Shoe Am I?

Creative Writing

Write and Illustrate a Story About "A Trip to The Shoe Store"
Class Book of Shoes*
Write a Shoe Rebus Story
Describe a Golf Shoe; Make a List of the Uses of a Golf shoe
Make a Shoe Catalog

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