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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Transportation
Theme: Systems


Car Rolling*
Tire Rubbing*
License Plate Rubbing
Make a Do-Nothing-Machine*
Wind-Up-Vehicle Drawing*

Games and Puzzles

Vehicle Puzzles
"Getting in a Car" Sequence Cards*
Sorting Vehicles by Use: Land, Air, or Water
Vehicle Pattern Cards*
Match Work Vehicles to the Jobs They Do


Sort Vehicles by Work- or Personal Use, or Work and Personal Use (Venn Diagram)*
Wheel Count and Graph*
Wind-Up Vehicle Race*
Tally (Count) Vehicles in a Parking Lot
Graph How Each Child Gets to School

Dramatic Play

Create a Vehicle Repair Shop
    Cash register and play money
    Telephone and note pad
    Work-order pad on a clipboard
    Posters of vehicles on the wall
    Table for repair tools
    Safety goggles and work gloves
    Car parts (dip stick, filter, wiper, and so on)
    Large toy cars to repair
    Car to wear*
    Gas pump made from a box


Match Tools to Silhouettes of the Tools
Examine Car Parts
Use an Air Pump to Pump Up a Tractor Tire
Compare Cars Rolling on Different Surfaces*
Examine the Engine of a Real Car
Clean the Window of a Real Car with a Squeegee


Books and Tapes on Transportation
Blank Books Shaped Like Vehicles
Transportation Words*
Props for Retelling the story, The Little Engine That Could


Wind-Up Toy Dance*
Songs about Vehicles*
Use a Hubcap as a Drum

Block Center

Add Vehicles and Road Signs
Add the Fisher Price Garage
Build Simple Machines*
Build a Maze for Cars

Interactive Charts

Do-Nothing Machine*
Up and Down*

Creative Writing

School Bus Word List
Write and Illustrate a Story About a Futuristic Vehicle
Vehicle Box*

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