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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Water
Theme: Cause-and-Effect and Interaction


Tissue-paper rain art*
Sponge painting
Water coloring*
Frozen-water art*

Games and Puzzles

Rain-, weather-, and water-activity puzzles
Sink or float?
Wash-a-car sequence cards
Sort photographs and drawings of water in different forms and places*


Sort seashells by size, color, or shape
Rain-drop race*
Measure water with measuring spoons and cups
Estimate the number of drops*

Dramatic Play

Make a beach party:
    Swimming ring
    Swim mask
    Plastic raft
    Beach chairs
    Beach towels
    Pictures of beach scenes
    Empty sunscreen bottles
    Sun hats


Wash and dry clothes*
Freeze, thaw, and boil water
Sink or float?
Make lemonade or sun tea


Books and tapes on rain, water, and weather
Raindrop-shaped blank books


Song: A Sailor Went to Sea; Row, Row, Row your Boat; Insy Weensy Spider; and Rain, Rain Go Away
Bottle-with-water music*
Rain stick with music

Block Center

Use blue cloth for adding lakes in the block center
Use posters of parks and ponds as a backdrop
Add plastic boats
Build a pretend dam

Interactive Charts

Water poem*

Creative Writing

Read Swimmy. Have the children write a similar story with different characters.
Read Who Sank the Boat. Have the children write a similar story with different characters.

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