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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Wind
Theme: Cause-and-Effect and Interaction


Blow paint on paper with a straw
Diamond collage
Wind socks*
Fan-Fold paper

Games and Puzzles

Wind puzzles*
Sequence fly-a-kite pictures*
Blowing bubbles and measuring distances*
Dangerous- and safe-wind sort*


Track windy weather on a calendar
Sort kites by size, color, and material
Leaf toss and measure*
Moving things*
Wind Venn diagram*

Dramatic Play

Open a kite store
    Materials for making kites
    Pocket chart for hanging kites that have been made
    Price-of-kites list
    Cash register
    Play money
    Advertisement posters


Wind sock*
Examine different kinds of fans
Fly a kite (and time how long it takes to get the kite into the air)


Books and tapes on the wind
Blank books in the shape of kites and clouds
Make an illustrated big book of the direction of the wind


Songs about wind written on song cards
Tapes or CDs about the wind
Dance-with-crepe-paper streamers in the wind

Block Center

Use crepe-paper streamers
Use airplanes for accessories

Interactive Charts

"Who Has Seen the Wind?"*
Let's Go Fly a Kite Chart* Leaves Chart*

Creative Writing

Write a story about your balloon's journey on the wind; what happened?
Retell the story-steps of kite flying
Write your story of making a kite

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