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Teaching Web Activities
Topic: Winter
Theme: Cause-and-Effect and Interaction


Finger paint with shaving cream
Snowball printing with yarn
Paint with white tempera paint on black paper
Epsom Salts painting at the easel*
Fake fur collage on cardboard

Games and Puzzles

Lace-a-snowflake (cut from foam board)
Sort pictures by winter and summer activities
Ice-melting sequence cards*
Animals' home match*
Winter puzzles


Icicle seriation*
Count white things*
Graph pictures by winter sports, winter clothes, winter tools and winter games
Track daily temperature with a thermometer
Measure and track the temperature of melting ice

Dramatic Play

Decorate the home center for winter with:
    Winter clothes
    Winter toys
    Wadding pool filled with Styrofoam
    Plastic shovels


Look at and compare sleet, snow, ice and frost
Ice sculptures*
Frozen and unfrozen birdseed*
Winter bud*
Weigh different sizes of blocks of ice
Bird-food recipe*


Books and tapes on winter
Snowflake, shovels, or snow-angel-shaped blank-books
Winter-words poster
List of winter books*


Snowflake dancing*
Winter song tapes
Streamers and music*
Different sizes of bells
Zip Up Your Jacket song*

Block Center

Winter trees
Winter vehicles
Winter pictures

Interactive Charts

Zip Up Your Jacket song*
Winter Sounds poem*

Creative Writing

White box*
Winter fun*

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