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Ant Farm: Make an ant farm (or purchase one). Here is what good ant farmers do.

1. The ant farmer's job:

  • Put two drops of water in the farm every day. If the farm looks wet inside, stop watering for a few days.
  • Feed the ants once a week. Put small amounts of different kinds food to see what foods the ants prefer.
  • Keep the ant farm out of direct sunlight.
  • Cover the farm with a dark cloth when the ants are not being observed.

2. The Class Ant Journal: Put a composition notebook beside the ant farm. Ask the children to watch the farm for five minutes. Afterward, they will write their observations in the notebook. Time the observation for about five minutes. After each child's observations, ask him to them write about what he has seen. Be sure to ask each child to write the date, time, their name, and the description of what he saw. Use the tools like a magnifying glass, stethoscope, and a minifying glass to help learn about the ants.

3. Make ant-food using this recipe:
     1-part, egg white
     1-part, vegetable oil
     1-part, corn syrup (or molasses)
     2-parts, water.
Mix well. Put a drop or two in the ant farm. Observe. Store leftovers in the refrigerator.

4. Research: Do ants see the color red? Place a piece of red cellophane around the ant farm. Observe. FYI: Ants don't see red, so they see the red cellophane as a wall. They will go about their work without interruption. Test other colors.

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