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Interactive Charts

Ant Poem: After the children have learned the poem below, put it on a chart. Ask them to find the rhyming words, the words inside quotation marks, and the punctuation marks. You can discuss ants factually, or in make-believe, as you retell the story-poem below.

By Sharon MacDonald
From: Idea Bags

If I were a little black ant
I wonder what I'd say
To all of my ant buddies
Who work so hard all day.

"Stop!" I'd yell, in ant talk.
"Let's rest upon this leaf.
Or swing upon this spider's web
He won't mind, if we are brief."

I know the ants would tell me
The secret of their strength;
How they move those boulders
And trees, three times their length.

Down their hole we'd slide
Into their hidden spaces.
We'd talk and eat and crawl around,
Exploring strange new places.

Then home with me they'd come
And play with all my toys.
We'd colonize my room.
We wouldn't make much noise.

I think the ants would want to,
But couldn't really stay,
'Cause they wouldn't like the smell.
The bug man sprayed today!

Note: I want to thank a teacher from one of my workshops for the Head, Thorax, and Abdomen song below. I never got her name. She created it, though, and shared it with me. It is fabulous! If the teacher I am referring to reads this note, please email me your name so I can share it with others. I know the song will be invaluable to early-childhood teachers.

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