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Dry a string of apple slices: With the children around, slice apples until each child has a slice. Have the children trace around their slices on paper. (Note: Keep the tracing-on-paper so the children can compare the size of the apple slice after their slice has dried.) Use a long shoestring with a nib for stringing or a long piece of string threaded through a darning needle. After each slice is threaded on the string, write the child's name on a piece of masking tape and fold it over the string. After each slice has been threaded and named, hang the string of slices in the window to dry. Estimate how long it will take and keep a time line to record the changes and the number of passing days. At the end of the drying time (drying takes 2-4 weeks depending on the weather) compare their slices to the earlier ones traced on paper. Talk about what happened. For more on this activity, see of Everyday Discoveries, page 37.

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