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Squeeze Art: Use three plastic (squeeze) ketchup bottles, flour, salt, water, and large, paper plates. Mix l cup salt, 1 cup flour, stir in 1-2 cups of water.

Note: The amount of water needed will depend upon the thickness of your mixture and how long the mixture sits. As it sits, it thickens. You will want the mixture to pass through the hole in the tops of the ketchup bottles but not so thick as to clog or too runny to be uncontrollable for the squeeze-art project. I suggest that you add water until you achieve the right consistency. Use a bamboo skewer to stir-in water when the mixture in the bottle thickens.

Pour the mixture into the 3 containers; add 3 colors of food coloring. Mix well. Pour the colored contents into the three ketchup bottles. Have the children use the bottles to make a design on a paper plate. When the mixture dries, it will sparkle. For more on this activity see Squish, Sort, Paint, and Build, pages 19-20.

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