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Interactive Charts

The Baker Poem: Write the words penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar on index cards; put a piece of hook-side Velcro on the back of each index card (if your children don't read, use a picture instead).

Put out a basket of blank index cards and pencils. Put small squares of hook-side Velcro on the back of each index card. Copy the poem below The Baker on a large chart. Put a piece of soft-side Velcro in the word space in The Baker poem ("What will I get with my ____ today?").

Draw an index-card-sized box at the end of the poem, below the last line. Put a small square of soft-side Velcro in center of the drawn box. Have the children choose which coin they are going to use to buy with by placing one of the index cards in the box. Ask them to write (or draw) on an index card what they could buy with that coin. Have them put that card in the drawn-box space.

The Baker
By Sharon MacDonald

The baker bakes so many things;
Cookies, cakes, and pies.
What will I get with my ______ today?
I'll choose with my nose and my eyes.

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