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Interactive Charts

Stack Up the Blocks song: It can be sun to the tune of Little Brown Jug. After the children know the song, put it on a chart. Have the children match pictures of the sites named or have them change the site by creating words to go in their places. Have index cards for them to write the new words on. For example: substitute the word "bridge" for the word "castle."

Stack Up the Blocks
By Sharon MacDonald
From: Jingle in My Pocket CD

Stack up the blocks, up so high,
Very tall to touch the sky.
Build a castle, then a town,
Build them strong so they won't fall down.

Stack up a barn with straight up sides
And curvy roads for tractor rides.
Build a city with signs that show
When to stop and when to go.

When its time to end your play
You may hear somebody say,
"Stack up the blocks on the tray
It's time to put them all away.
Yes, it's time to put them all away."

Activities to go with the song are in Jingle in My Pocket Book on pages 20 through 24.

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