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Interactive Charts

A Frog Poem: Share the poem below with the children. Write it on a chart. Have the children draw pictures of the different parts of the poem. Cut out the pictures for the children to match to the words in the poem.

By Sharon MacDonald

First comes the egg,
All gooey and sticky.
A frog from an egg?
Getting out must be tricky.

Next comes the tadpole,
A strange little creature.
It knows how to swim.
Wonder who's its teacher.

Oh, my goodness!
What do I see?
Legs on a tadpole.
How can that be?

From egg to tadpole,
It doesn't take years.
Two more legs grow,
And the tail disappears.

First egg then tadpole,
And finally a frog
That can hop and croak,
As it sits on a log.

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