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Books and tapes on frogs The following are some excellent books and tapes about frogs (the numbers after each entry are the grade levels applicable to the book or tape).

Never Snap at a Bubble by Yvonne Winer (Educational Insights) 2.9
Little Green Frog by Rozanne L. Williams (Creative Teaching Press) 1.9
What is a Frog by Gene Darby (Scholastic) 1.9
Frog in the Throat by Martin Waddell (Sundance) 2.0
Tadpole to Frog by Elizabeth Rogers (Scholastic) 3.6
Let's Go Froggy by Jonathan London (Scholastic) 1.8
Frogs Can Jump by Pauline Cartwright (Wright Group) .5
Frogs On a Log with tape by Norma L. Gentner (Wright Group) 2.6
Frog Prince by Ruth Corrin (Wright Group) 4.2
Frogs by Sheila Buff (Andrew McMeel) 8.8
Frogs by Rebel Williams (Twig) .2

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