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Creative Writing

Write a "How to" story: read the following story in the format of Everybody Needs a Rock and have the children create a story that tells how to do something.

Frog Hunting
By Sharon MacDonald

I love frogs! My sister thinks they are yucky, but I love 'em.

I am good at catching and taking care of frogs. My Mom doesn't like them in the house. So I keep them for just a little while in my room. We're quiet.

I know you want to know how to catch your very own frog. And, since I know so much about it, I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it.

Here are my twelve frog hunting rules!

1. Know your frogs! Frogs live in wet muddy places. They feel all wet and slippery--not like toads. Toads feel bumpy and dry. People are always mixing up frogs and toads, but toads are easy to catch.

2. Hunt with a quiet, sneaky, friend! Frogs don't like noise. Any noise sends them into places you can't go.

3. Always wear frog-hunting clothes! You never know when you will end up in the mud. Wear clothes that frogs won't recognize.

4. Wear only tie shoes! I saw a boy once walk right out of his boots. They are still stuck straight up in the mud in Carson Creek. If you are ever there, they're the ones with the mud all the way to the top.

5. Use the right frog hunting equipment! Don't fool around with the stuff in stores because frogs know that stuff from a mile away. Use an old pot with a lid. A big pot is so big that the frogs think it's just another rock beside the water.

6. Sneak up on the frog! Tiptoeing won't do. You have to crawl. Frogs can see tall things.

7. Choose a sunny day to hunt. Frogs like to sit on the lily pads and catch some rays. Also, the sun gets in their eyes, and they can't see you as well as when it's cloudy.

8. Pick a big frog. The color of the frog is up to you, but choose a big one. They are easy to hold onto until you can get it into the pot. Frogs are so slippery that they can slip between two rocks that are so close together that you can't slide a penny through them.

9. When you get your frog in the pot, hold the lid real tight. Some frogs are so strong that they can knock-off the lid before you take two steps. I saw a lid go flying off a pot once--it landed in Florida two days later.

10. Feed your frog everyday. He will eat fish food but they really like meal worms and insects. Flies are good, too-it's just hard to shoo them close to the frog long enough for the frog to focus. Flies are smart; they recognize frogs fast.

11. Choose a real frog name! Frogs have never liked silly names, like Pookie, Smilie, or Jumpie. They like names like Samson, Attila, and Rambo. On the other hand, if someone does names their frog a silly name, be nice about it. Don't laugh at the frog-it makes them mad.

12. Take your frog back home to the pond after a day or two at your house. You may not see a frog cry because he is unhappy, but your frog will miss his family. They like to be home, but the do like to travel and make short visits to check things out.

Now that I have shared my frog-hunting rules with you, I wish you good luck.

I am going out now to hunt for butterflies. I am good at for them, too. I am still working on the rules.

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