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Dramatic Play

Individual mailboxes (mail station): Collect half-gallon, paper milk cartons and fastening brads. Cut off the top of the milk cartons. Throw away the carton tops; use the carton bottoms. Place the cartons one-on-top-of-the-other and side-by-side (i.e., stack and row) to make "mailboxes." Fasten the cartons together with the brads. Have photos of each child, with the child's name, on the inside of each box. On the inside of the carton write the child's "P. O. Box Number" (i.e., a number that each child has chose). Cover the whole structure with aluminum foil. For more information on this activity, please see the teacher resource-activity book Squish, Sort, Paint, and Build, pages 107-08, available in most libraries.

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