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Interactive Charts

Fruit Salad song: Write the lines of the song on sentences strips. Find pictures of fruits sung in the song. Place the song in a pocket chart and have the children match the pictures to the fruits. They could also match fruit words to fruit words or fill in the fruit words that are missing. For more activities on this topic see Jingle in My Pocket Book on pages 75-78.

Fruit Salad
By Sharon MacDonald

Bananas, pears, and strawberries too.
Pineapples, peaches, and kiwis for you.
Cantaloupes, apples, and mangos will do.
Let's make a fruit salad for you, and you.
Honeydews, grapes, and blackberries too.
Raspberries, raisins, and figs for you.
Plums, and prunes, and cherries will do.
Let's make a fruit salad for you and you.

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