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Interactive Charts

Poem: Copy the following poem on a chart. Divide the children into small groups. After they have learned the poem, have them select a portion of the poem to illustrate. They will make a book of the poem. Write (or have the children write) two lines of each of the poem on a large sheet of paper. Each group chooses the page they want to illustrate. When it is done, read the book and share the illustrations.

The Pumpkin Seed
By Sharon MacDonald
From the book Everyday Discoveries

The package said pumpkin seed.
I know it's true 'cause I can read.

I put the seed into the ground,
And watered it carefully all around.

Soon, the seed sprouted and started to grow.
But how it knew to- I'll never know.

The vine grew outward very low.
"Up" wasn't the way it wanted to go.

Flowers blossomed- some here, some there.
And small orange balls were everywhere.

As fall slowly ceased to be,
The orange balls smiled at me.

I understand that pumpkin smile.
'Cause each one of them knew all the while,

That in each seed hidden secretly,
Is the pumpkin knowledge of what to be.

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