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Interactive Charts

Peanut Butter Song: Write the song below on a chart. Have the children use movements to act out various parts of the song. In the second verse, have the children fill in the missing word.

Peanut Brown
By Sharon MacDonald

From: Watermelon Pie and Other Tunes!

I'm a little peanut brown,
Growing 'neath the dark, dark ground.
Someone came and pulled me up,
Now I'm just some sticky stuff.
Peanut brown, (crack, crack)
From the ground, (crack, crack)
Someone found, (crack, crack),
And mashed around, (crack, crack)
Peanut Butter!

I'm a little peanut _______,
Growing 'neath the dark, dark ________.
Someone came and pulled me _____,
Now I'm just some sticky ______.
Peanut _________, (crack, crack)
From the ________ (crack, crack)
Someone _________ (crack, crack)
And mashed _________ (crack, crack)
Peanut __________!

See Watermelon Pie and Other Slices! pages 19-23, for other peanut ideas and activities.

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