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Songs about Shoes:

Barefoot Walker's Shoes
by Sharon MacDonald

A Bare Foot Walker's Shoes

I have shoes I use for hiking,
Flippers I wear to swim.
And tennies that grip me tightly
So I can climb the jungle gym.

I have ballet-dancing shoes,
Boots I wear to ride.
And shoes I use for skating
So I can roll and slide.

I have plastic boots for snow,
Floppy rubber ones for rain.
And sandals just for skipping
With my friends who skip the same!

Beneath my bed are flippers,
Slippers, boots, and shoes.
"What do I like to wear?"
"Barefoot is what I choose!"

"What'll I do with my shoooooes?"


"Don't wanna lose my shooooooes!"

The tune is from the Jingle In My Pocket CD by Sharon MacDonald. There is also an activity book available, Jingle in My Pocket Book, see pages 91-95.

Other songs:

These Boots Are Made for Walking (recorded by Nancy Sinatra)

Cobbler, Cobbler, Mend my Shoe by ____ Webb. It is a chant and jump rope rhyme. It goes:

Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe.
Give it one stitch, give it two.
Give it three, give it four.
And if it needs it, give it more.

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