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Interactive Charts

"Tying Shoes" Poem Chart: Write the following poem on a chart. Find pictures of fingers, strings, a bow, a picture of a child trying to tie, and Velcro. Have the children match the pictures to the words in the poem. They also can match the words to words or highlight the rhyming words with highlight tape. Place the poem in the Games and Puzzles area. Use the shoe board with the adult tie- and Velcro shoes activity (this activity was mentioned above in Games and Puzzles).

Tying Shoes
By Sharon MacDonald

My fingers don't know how
To weave two strings about.
There must be some magic
To make a bow come out.

Everyone has shown me where
The skinny strings should go.
In a week or two, I'll learn to tie
But for now - I'll use Velcro.

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