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Block Center

Simple Machines: Use blocks to make a lever, an inclined plane, and a wheel-and-axle. Use a ramp-shaped block to show and explain an inclined plane. To make a lever, use a small triangle and a double unit block. Place the double unit block on the triangle block to make a seesaw. Place a block on one end of the lever and lift it by pushing on the other end. To make an inclined plane, use three unit blocks stacked one on top of the other and place a floorboard block on top of the stack at an angle to the floor. Push a unit block up the inclined plane. To make the wheel-and-axle, put several cylinder blocks under the floorboard block and roll the board forward. As it rolls, keep moving the cylinders to the front of the board. For more information on this activity, see Block Play, page 133.

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