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Games and Puzzles

Predict, Bubble Blow, and Measure: Take this activity outside! Use Dawn dishwashing detergent, a large, low-sided container, water, a selection of bubble wands (for example, embroidery hoops and six pack rings), and a tray to hold the wands, a large writing tablet, and markers, measuring tapes. Gently mix 3 parts Dawn and 1 part water in the large container. Place the wands on the tray and allow the children to choose their wand. Place the writing tablet nearby, in an area that will stay dry. Ask the children to predict and write down on how far they think their bubbles will travel in the air before popping. If you have young children ask them to guess how many steps it will take to get to where the bubble pops. The older children can measure with the tape. After they have blown their bubbles have them measure and check their predictions. For more information on a variety of bubble wands see Squish, Sort, Paint and Build, page 228.

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