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Bananas Munch a' Bunch

From the Tying Shoes and Other Musical Feets! CD by Sharon MacDonald

Bananas look funny. And it taste great to eat 'em. You can take a short or very long bite. Munch a' bunch

Baboons like bananas
With the peels still on 'em
I like mine peeled and smushed.
Munch a' bunch
They grow in a grove.
Down south past Bolivia.
A long way to go for lunch.
Munch a' bunch

1. Write the song on a chart. Have the children find all the "B" words. As they sing the song have them stand up and sit down when they hear a "B" word.

2. Write the words "munch a' bunch" three times on a sentence. Cut apart the words. The children match the cut-apart words to the words on the chart.

3. Highlight the words that rhyme with lunch (i.e., munch and bunch). Think of other words that rhyme with lunch; like brunch, crunch, hunch, and punch.

4. Find Bolivia on a World map. Look up Bolivia on the internet. Research the banana industry. Find a pen pal school in Bolivia and correspond with the students there.

5. Find pictures of a banana, baboon, grove, and someone eating lunch. Have the children match the pictures to words on the chart.

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